Who we are

Sport has made us known, the passion for food has united us, the passion for Monferrato area was the icing on the cake that gave life to this project.

We want to bring Monferrato to your home.

We are a lucky generation because today the internet shortens distances and allows us to buy everything we want, from all over the world, but we know WHAT TO BUY?


Before pressing the "Buy" button we always ask ourselves if it is a good deal or yet another consumer product offered as a specialty.

We give you the solution to this doubt: we look for the best products from Monferrato for you .
We carefully select them, taste them, taste them again and taste them again (with the greatest joy of our palates) and bring them directly to your home !




As in a treasure hunt, I go in search of the products that are hidden among the rolling hills of the area. Selecting the best carefully is my specialty.


I deal with the commercial and communication part of these magnificent boxes.



I fell in love with this paradisiacal territory in 2016 and I give it my all to make the most of it and you can taste its delights.


I deal with the management of the producers and shipments of your boxes.



Born and raised in a village between Alessandria and Asti, I spent all the summers of my childhood in Monferrato between places and specialties that will always remain in my heart.


I write many stories about our territory and its products on our social networks and blogs, so as not to lose your perfumes and emotions of my home.

Our collaborations

Important partnerships


Monferrato system

Sistema Monferrato is made up of a large team of tourism experts, who work together to develop innovative projects in order to promote Monferrato and resources in the area.

Sistema Monferrato is the tourism consortium that offers the possibility for accommodation facilities to increase their visibility, to undertake targeted tourism marketing strategies and to increase their business.


Marco Cattaruzzi

An exceptional photographer , a true artist capable of capturing the essence of our landscapes!


Born in 1973, he lives in Turin. He practices windsurfing, loves photography and videomaking.

His favorite phrase is:
"Never ask a creative spirit why it does certain things ... it simply does them!"


Cargo & Logistics

EPG Cargo & Logistics operates in the international transport sector .


Its mission is to offer innovative services and solutions designed on specific customer needs. Thanks to the diversification and know-how of the founders, it is able to offer a highly dynamic and flexible service.

Each customer is unique and unique is the right solution for his business!